Free Music Friday – Toy Volcano


Aj Gannon‘s Toy Volcano is finally finished and ready for download. You may remember his awesome Speak and Spell Guitar constructed along with other circuit bent and DIY instruments specifically to be incorporated into this wonderful project.

The songs on this Album are fresh and groovy with lots of Ukulele and non-offending goofy vocals. Great Holiday listen!



Toy Volcano is Gannon’s fifth official release. This album is a combination of ukulele, kazoo, handmade electronic instruments (pictured below), and various sampling and recording applications. The instruments have demo videos which can be found “here“.

Upon the official release of the album in December there will be a final demo video of the actual Toy Volcano which you can see pictured below in the center of the collage, plus an additional track produced for The Beatles Complete on Ukulele project found “here“.

Gannon is Aj Pyatak with special guests Jim Diotte, Bev Diotte, Bryan Tysinger, Beth Pyatak and Nova Pyatak.

songs 2,4,6,8,10,12, and 16 were created by Jim Diotte using sampled pieces of the Toy Volcano demos and other wonderful sound bites.


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