5 oscillator box

Men Who Can’t Love ,whose site seems to be broken at the moment, bring us another oscillator packed project. This time we are experiencing 2 LFOed 3 Oscillator ringmoded pedal of untold and unheard of sonic potential. Not much really that I can tell from the auction except that people want to purchase this item even though there are no sound samples.
Link Here

The 5 osc thing is probably packed full of 555s cause the description mentioned square waves. Also it most likely sounds simular to this http://www.menwhocantlove.com/drone.mp3
That is a sound sample from the previous noise machine sold about a month ago for, and I am not kidding, $470.00 US DOLLARS!!!!! JESUS!!! I need to build a 50 oscillator box and make like $4700.00 Dollars!
Link Here