6955 Bundle-o-gear

Many of you may already be familiar with a musician 6955 for his collection of custom hardcased gear as well as his plethora of gameboys. Lately he’s been touring Holland and only recently had time to explain his projects in more detail and start a blog to keep us up to date. The latest project seems to be a flight case to include 8 famicoms, a 606, and a video multiplexer with a modded screen. From what I can, it seems to me that the Famicoms are sound generators controlled with a 606 through trigger outputs, the sounds must be cued up from games and then triggered. The video outputs are piped to the video multiplexer to viewing. I’m very glad that someone is taking up the issue of traveling with gear. Flight cases are the way to go, even for shows that don’t require flying. I always find that bar tables or what ever we have to setup on is too low, so that’s when you can use your case to raise things up. Of course one may say, well I’m just gonna use Ableton Live and my Apple 12 inch powerbook….go ahead, I say. Also don’t forget to use this wearable MIDI controller to earn extra dork points as seen here: http://www.sonalog.com/