Quad Tone Oscillator NAND Synth Now Available Assembled for only $49.99

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Quad Tone Oscillator Assembled
Classic noisemaker from GetLoFi.com available fully assembled at an unbeatable price! 4 Independent Oscillators to make groovy experimental sounds.
Available Qty: 2
Price: $49.99


We have finally achieved the perfect solution to have enclosures for GetLoFi Devices, this simple and elegant laser cut style is economical and attractive at the same time. The Quad Oscillator Devices are now available for only 49.99 fully assembled and shipped right to your door. Hand made in USA.

Swan River Yogue 2014 by 555 – Free Music Friday – Ambient Synthesizer Tape

Swan River Yogue (2014) by 555 on Mixcloud

Mixcloud radio home of resonant music in the “555” multiverse

555 is the solo moniker of producer Chris Farstad and is dedicated to exploring the spectrum between contemporary new age “ambience” and the kinetic momentum of percussion.

“…levitating over a circle of stones behind their crumbling castle, what looks like an animist ritual and a paranormal manifestation is in truth a scientific experiment…of disciplines yet to be codified in journals, conferences and paradigms. The seed of these new sciences floats in some blissful harmonies liquid like oceans floating across space, to connect the shores of distant planets.” -20jazzfunkgreats.co.uk

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KICKSTARTER: Lo-Fi SES: Hackable 8-bit instrument

lo-fi ses
lo-fi ses
The Lo-Fi SES (Sound Entertainment System) makes the process of playing an instrument easy by providing a video game controller interface for the lo-fi instrument. The d-pad allows you to change or record tracks, the buttons play the various sounds, and the l/r dials dynamically effect the frequency of the sounds as you are playing them.

A combination of things make this instrument unique. It is a fully open (hardware and software) audio platform, compatible with the Arduino ecosystem, and uses an innovative cart-based expansion system. Yay cartridges!!! The instrument is super approachable for level 1 musicians, but it is designed to be fun no matter what level you are at. The higher-level users can hack on the software via a “USB: a Link to the Hack” cart or even design a custom cart themselves. (I have a strong desire to see someone create a ridiculous rumble pack. You could make it rumble to the beat for some superfluous haptic feedback.) Also, the USB cart solves a common complaint for other lo-fi instruments: it allows you to swap out the sounds with ones of your own design!

The Lo-Fi SES lets you level up your music skills and look good while doing it. Join the adventure and we can rock out together!
More information can be found on the Kickstarter page:
Kickstarter Page

Although GetLoFi coolness approved this product is not related to GetLoFi.com

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