Adding lights to circuit bent gear

Is a great idea especially assuming that most of the circuit bent/noise performances will be on dark stages. A couple of favors from the current eBay auctions are pictured on the right. The VSS-200 Sample Grinder with rainbow CCTs is emitting a pretty glow while mangling the circuit bent rendition of the Amen Break. The other device with a light built in is this TR-505. The bolted on desk lamp will certainly do the job. Battery use is of course great when adding lights aside from LEDs. One thing to keep in mind also is the noise and interference by the inverting transformers used for power. Sometimes LEDs when hooked up to the same power source will introduce distortions in your signal path. Incandescent lightbulbs should be free from noise however their power consumption is high and they will burn out eventually and need to be replaced. Be sure to peep this collection of various bent TR systems from DigitalKarma the creator of the above 505.