Anarchy…I mean, Circuit Bending WORKSHOP in the UK!


This Just In! A press release that was just sent to our war room…

South Hill Park’s Digital Media Centre, in Bracknell, UK is set to host a weekend workshop Saturday and Sunday November 22nd and 23rd @ 11am-5pm. Leading circuit manipulator, Stu “Professor ASMO” Smith of Bathysphere will be coming to South Hill Park’s Georgian mansion house to lead a hands-on weekend that begins with an introductory bending project to convert a Tiny Touch toy phone into a wild Dub Siren, followed with more advance work into Asmo’s specialist area of controlling bent circuits with an analogue modular sequencer, or “some kind of modular installation piece into which participants can plug in their devices, like a big circuit bent brain”. Weekend ticket: £116.00 (includes all component costs). Go to or for further information contact: Martin Franklin @ his email: or tel: 01344 416261. The venue website is, hopefully this will help!

Sounds like a good time to get together, eat some beans on toast and bend with other benders!