APC with Filter Stage, Its Nice!

Lobster Ailab Atari Punk Console
Ailab posted another original variation on now very popular Atari Punk Console design to the CircuitBending LiveJournal. The case I am guessing came from a piece of jewelry or a watch and it is black velvet on the outside with a clever magnet mod to hold the lid down. The finished project really looks to me like prop that a humanoid space alien would use for communication in a 60s sci-fi movie, very eye pleasing, silver and fuzzy. Ailab also expanded the device by adding the Oddness filter stage available on Ray Wilson’s website, the addition takes this circuit to a whole new level. The pitch of the oscillator along and cutoff frequency for the filter are controlled by two photo resistors also substituted in to spice up the APC. No schematic yet, but there is a sound sample and more images.

APC aka The Furious Lobste Sound Sample.

Not the Synth, but still cool:
Crazy Audio Sample Here ( RealAudio Embedded )

ailab lobster synth circuit bentailab lobster 3

LJ Link.