Atari Punk Console 2.0 in Everyday Objects

APC 2.0 Kit from

APC 2.0 Kit from

Nag Champa APC 2.0 by Kaz – More images in this Gallery.

Atari Punk Console Cup Cake

Cupcake 2.0 by Wayne

Atari Punk Console 2.0 Sorbet

Sorbet 2.0 by Gary, more info at

Atari Punk Console Flash Light

APC 2.0 Flashlight by GroovyPancakes.

So far the APC 2.0 kit users are good at following instructions, especially when it comes to using discarded everyday objects as cases for their new noise makers. Above are some of examples found floating around the Internet. If you have more please let me know and I will post them. We also created a Facebook page to share the love of the APC 2.0 on the most addictive Social Networking site, one more thing for you to keep tabs on. just did a very nice demo and a writeup about an APC 2.0 prototype. Watch it below.


The APC 2.0 Kits are plentiful and still for sale from the, packaging is now all paper based in order to help reduce the plastic waste. So far the feedback has been extremely positive from all over the world. As a side note, more inexpensive and easy to build kits are on their way from the GetLoFi labs. Stay Tuned!