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DMG Gameboy with Minimal Parts

by Ralph

Dear Readers, please welcome Ralph Nex a Swedish Game Boy hacker extraordinaire. Ralph agreed to show a few of his projects on GetLoFi and we think its a great idea.

This is a Nintendo Gameboy minus the circuit board. The original CPU has been hand soldered to the cartridge slot and ram chip using recycled 80 pin IDE cables from an old computer. The whole thing took two days to build, but the first time started it didn’t work and eventually was discarded to the box of unfinished projects, until recently. As it turns out the Reset Pin of the gameboy’s CPU, (which normally would be grounded to force a reset) requires a pull up resistor to hold it out of reset. After adding the pull up resistor the gameboy chip booted up first time with no problems.

This was built as a bare minimum of a gameboy with a socket on the bottom where a screen and controls can be added. It has audio and network built in so it can be used as a slave for programs like LSDJ.

Editor note: This could probably be used with a Parallel Port Switcher like this, enabling one control for multiple Gameboy CPUs.