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Circuit Bending 101 In Musicworks Magazine

Roth Mobot’s DIY article “Circuit Bending 101” made the cover of the current issue of Musicworks Magazine. You can read the article in the magazine’s online preview.

It’s an eight-page article, containing over 30 photographs, multiple illustrations, and some shout outs to Tim Kaiser, Talking Computron, The Ring Toss Twins, and Mother Daughter Crime Team.

Roth Mobot has been asked to write another article for Musicworks’ Spring issue — stay tuned!

Free Ableton Instrument from a RubberBand

by AfroDJMac

“Hey guys,
I just got a contact mic from you guys and I love it. I’ve been regularly releasing Ableton instruments, fx and tutorials for a year and a half, and this week I used your contact mic to create a synth from the sound of a rubberband. I gave you guys a proper shout out in the video and the post. Thought you might like to see. Thanks for the awesome mic, I can’t wait to see where it takes me :)”

Full Post:

Free Music – Dustin E.’s Moon Phase Session 1

Dustin E. presents the Moon Phase Sessions 1 – Waxing Crescent – August released on August 19th 2012. The Moon Phase Sessions will be a series of recordings tailored to the sounds of night. Each session will be named after the phase of the moon it was recorded during. Waxing Crescent – August was made using Contact mics, turnstyle music boxes, FM3 Buddha Machine, Leap Frog Alphabet bus, Gristleism, Playskool Night Light toy, Sounds of Nature flashlight, Vtech Discovery Nursery Farm, Korg Monotron’s filter, and a cog wheel koto made by Tim Kaiser.

More information:

Dustin E.’s website:

Casio PT 10

Via [Submit]: I have modified this Casio PT 10 with the bends shared on GetLoFi.

The first thing I saw when I opened the back is a small trimmer..always when you found a trimmer you can replace it with a equal value pot. (photo 1)This isn’t a bend.. but change the sound.The others bends are the Lo-pass filter and the Hi-pass filter found on the scheme.
I have removed the speaker (replaced with a mini jack)(photo 4)and drilled the holes for the pots,mounted and soldered the bends like the scheme.(photo 2-3)
|the bend dostortion and squeaky glich doesn’t work..

You can see my video and some sound samples at:


Not this particular modification but similar from freeform Delusion.



Free Bent Coleco Talking Teacher Sample Pack

It’s time for another sample pack. This is a sample pack of sounds from a circuit bent Coleco Talking Teacher. Over 230 glitchy, airy and robotic sounds await in this free sample pack. Also included in this pack are synthetic vocal samples of numbers in case you want some sort of talking clock or something of that nature. I’m offering it free of charge again for commercial and non-commercial use, but please don’t redistribute the pack.

You can download it here:

Circuit Bent Coleco Talking Teacher (w/ schematics)

Here’s my take on bending the Coleco Talking Teacher toy. There are a few schematics floating around, but the bends on them don’t quite work as advertised.

The two of the glitch loops use 25K potentiometers in such a way that the bend is deactivated when the potentiometer is rotated to maximum resistance. This means a switch is not necessary to activate the bend and that the bend is adjustable. Different sounds are produced by these bends a different resistances. At lower resistances the sound will subtly glitch between what it should be and a slightly off variation. At higher resistances, the sound is fully glitched and unrecognizable. The bend which does use a switch did not react to variable resistance in an interesting way.

To perform the pitch modification the onboard pitch adjustment trimpot must be removed. Because this part of the board is crowded, the easiest way to do so by wiggling the trimpot until it breaks free of the board. After this has been removed, a new 500K potentiometer can be soldered in it’s place.

This is one of the most stable talking toys I have bent. The long and short loops are repeatable, so the glitches can be played like you would a drum machine or keyboard. The sound is also very clear.

See more at

bent-coleco-talking-teacher-diagram.jpg (203 KB)

ctt-bent-1.JPG (189 KB)