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My GeTLoFi modded DMG Gameboy almost complete!

I spent yesterday and a little bit of today doing a massive overhaul on my DMG gameboy. It was half dead when I got it off ebay for $5 with some dead pixel columns, a lot of grimy dirt and some plastic things shoved up its headphone orifice. Well I’ve given it a makeover, and I’m pretty happy with the results, especially for it being my first experience with the modifications I preformed. Sure it’s not all perfect, but I don’t mind: I scratched the lcd when removing the backing foil, performed some shocking dremel work and the dye isn’t consistent.

I’m also waiting on the screen protector for the gameboy and I think I’ll put some cool pattern on the grey boarder of it or something, not sure still.

If I can do this, and do it badly, then anyone can do this.

Modified DMG with:
– dyed golden yellow case and vinyl getlofi sticker stencil
– nonfinite white backlight with on/off switch
– getlofi pitch/clock module control with on/off switch.

here’s some more details about my mod:

here’s a video of it in action:

Thanks GetLoFi

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Towards the Beat of a Different Drummer

So I’ve been performing and recording with this setup for a couple of years now.

It’s basically an acoustic drumset which is expanded through the addition of DIY and lo-fi electronics, as well as DIY acoustic and electroacoustic instruments, into an expressive tool for electroacoustic improvisation.

Here is a video of it in action:

Here are the instruments used:

More info/music/videos can be found on my webpage:

Sampleman – a Bender in Britain!

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I’d like to offer up some of my Bent/Avant-Experimental Noise for all the followers of GetLoFi. I record as “Sampleman” here in the U.K-many of the pieces are improvised over found sounds or other organic noises which I then muck about with. I have been recording weird stuff since I was 14 and set all the clockwork toys running at the same time in my local toyshop and recorded the result on my cassette recorder.The owner thought it was amusing! If you have the time check out the blog.There are whole albums of stuff to download-feel free.

Facial Filet (no talent/lofi/noise)

Faciel Filet
As some one who is very interested in music (mostly listening and enjoying the company of many talented friends who actually know what they are doing) I decided to take a dive into the realm of recording my own. The biggest problem I fell upon was that I have never been trained, classically or otherwise, to perform with any musical instruments. Being curious in all things electronic as well, I knew a bit about circuit bending and have heard many samples that most people may not call music. So I grabbed a modified toy guitar out of my closet and recorded a few “songs” with it along with a few found objects. I really enjoyed feeling untamed and not obeying any of the formal musical rules which I feel is a large part of circuit bending. I’ve enjoyed listening to the amazing sounds I’ve heard GetLoFi contributors get out of some things that would normally be waste so here is my contribution.

Facial Filet

Circuit Ben Shorts His Life Out.

Hey there lo-fi friends, Circuit Ben here with a very special request – I’ve been concentrating on building synthesizers, sequencers, oscillators, delays and circuit-bending my little heart out for the past decade, but now I have written enough material to make an album that I’ll be truly proud of, and I have no funds to actually make it.

With that in mind, I’ve started a project using, and hope to raise $5000 to professionally record 14 or so of the 20 tracks I have prepared, for a release in Late Spring/Early Summer.

Please take some time to check out the perks available for contributors on the right hand side of the page, everything from a direct album download, to a full circuit-bent setup.

If you’d like to get hold of my debut release, that one is still in the GetLoFi vaults: here.

Thank you all so much for your time, I promise to contribute regularly to Getlofi in the future – I’ll be explaining how to use a Casio keyboard as a clock signal source very soon.

Your Pal,

Circuit Ben.

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