Awesome SK-1 sound files

Tony the creator of super awesome SK-1 wrote me back and included some promised sound files. In the meantime the auction for the SK-1 was spiced up to include this music link. The samples are pretty sweet and the sequencer seems to do surprisingly good job of changing the sounds and glitches. Note to self add one to the next build. I am pretty sure that the chip combination is 555, 4017, and 4066. At least those would do the same thing. The hifi mic auction on the other hand left me still baffled. The picture of a chick with her head wrapped in aluminum foil for some reason brought on the images of a certain centipede video and also 80s music vids, where people’s guitars are not plugged in, still they are jamming really hard. No sound file posted on the auction site, however I have the exclusive link here enjoy.