Beck on board with Circuit Bent

Beck Circuit Bent Speak and Spell Jam

Apparently the artist Beck has decided to push the envelope even further then the 8 bit remixes of Guero. Now he includes circuit bent sounds on his latest album called The Information. Most obvious is the song “No Compaints” (Hot Linked MP3 ) with a little glitchy breakdown. This youtube video shows a live MTV jam with a Speak and Spell solo done by the keyboard guy on stage, all while Beck is scratching on his cool Mp3 deck. I guess this is from sometime in 2005. Thanks to MadManG for sending this in.

*SuckTube has removed the video, but unfortunately they can’t erase it from our memories. *

Here is a recap:

00:01 Beck is playing some song

00:04 Camera Pans to a bunch of people dancing on stage

00:10 The keyboard guy picks up a Speak and Spell and starts twisting a knob creating single oscillator theremin like sounds and the whole band lets him solo on that for a few measures.

00:29 Beck resumes the song by scratching on his CDJ and people are dancing again.

Heh, at least thats what I think happened. Did anyone happen to cache this or has the original file? Feel free to comment with a link, or your memories of this video.

5 thoughts on “Beck on board with Circuit Bent”

  1. I imagine the keyboard player built it – the album credits him for a fair few things so I imagine he’s the brains behind some of the more ‘unusual’ instrumentation in beck’s work. however i could be very wrong.

  2. This video has been removed due to terms of use violation. 🙁
    Annyone know where to get see this video?

  3. Damn, the video is indeed gone. That’s f-in lame. Thanks SuckTube! The user who uploaded is also gone. My guess is that it was MTV content and they wanted it back. Did anyone archive this? Is there a way to DL those videos?

  4. Hi – The circuit bent speak & spell used by Brian Lebarton was bent by me, fastmatt. Feel free to check my site for more info about my devices. I sure wish I could have seen the video. So far I’ve only seen fleeting pictures of my device in use on stage. The theremin-like sounds he’s creating are done by pressing one of the three tone-buttons on the top right, and controlling the system pitch (clock speed) with the knob on the left side. With practice one can play the device by ear (gosh I wish I coulda seen/heard him do it).

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