Event review by Chris Wild
BEND MY BUTTONS took place Jan. 16th 2009 @ RedCat lounge in L.A.

It was an early evening of circuit bent music from a nice mix of performance styles including the evening opener Igor Amokian,
who started the night off with a minimal mix of 8bit beats, vintage video game sound fx into a barrage of bezerking keyboards and samples from old NASA flexi records all layered in and out of the mix with a crazy beat solo on bent drum box to finish his set.

Next up was Pushplay, combining more composed downtempo tunes with sub basslines, melodies, a huge selection of vocal intros & outros from alot of various odd toys. This live bent mix was accompanied with SAX which added a cool blend to Vince’s circuit bent performance plugging in & unplugging toys, getting crazy sounds and samples from different gizmos before throwing them down and going for the next one….Also peep “Soul or System”

Then it was EMT, who rolled his rig in on a hospital stretcher with a LOAD of goodies. His set consisted of a wide arrange electronic beats techno, acid bleeps and a myriad other odd sounds and tones from a gigantic (must see) table of some outragious circuit bent goodies. He also had a guest sitting in playing a WSG and another interesting homemade device that was played like a xylophone with various synth and bent sounds. Some very cool tunes, production and mixed sound arrangements.

The finale of this very chill circuit bent event was none other than Mr. Jeff Boynton himself, with his fantastic & bizzare electronic creations all working with him and letting him play too, blending resonating tones, crunchy drones, weird soundscapes and patterns blending into an very experimental/avant/electronic music sounding set finishing off with a Cello solo!

Over all cool performances, awesome location, cool folks & vibes I even saw a couple of my friends too like Andy Ben and bizzart…oh yeah it was just cool to see so many crazy, zany, off the wall electronic & circuit bent GIZMOZ!!!!!

See some outragious gadgets, gizmos, toys and instruments here:

Event put together by Arron @ REDCAT Lounge