Bent Fest 2007 Minneapolis After Thoughts

Wow, I had the best time ever hanging out at the Intermedia Arts Center in Minneapolis during the Bent Fest 2007. Perfect! The people there were amazing, the performances were astonishing, and the locals made us feel welcome and at home. I talked so much that my voice is still gone.

Big thanks to everyone who showed up for the Parallel Port Interface workshop and especially big thanks to Patrick of RothMobot for jumping in and helping to wing the lecture. I’m glad things worked and the crowd was pleased!

For those who did not make it to the workshop or the festival I am positive that the videos will be on youTube shortly, pictures are already available at and and this posted to comments by Marie and Greg
I got a feeling that NYC will be good as well. Here is also some coverage of the LA festival via a podcast from

(The Above image is of Tim Kaiser’s awesome handmade instruments )