Bent Fest 2008 Minneapolis Round Up Pt 2.

Tim Kaiser Bent Festival 2008 MN
(Tim Kaiser @ Bent Festival 2008 MN photo by Stephen.Squared)

While we all wait for Dr Rek’s HD recordings of every performance to be put on-line here are some snap cam shots to hold you over.


Caly McMorrow

Datura 1.0

Igloo Martian

The above videos barely scratch the surface of the insanity. Dr Rek will turn this all upside down very soon.

One of the many things that I love about the Intermedia Arts Center is their 30+ foot projection screen! Each artist was able to have the creative control over the video that was displayed while they played and in case they didn’t have one, the old standby “wireless cam” was called into action. For some unknown reason it glitches on its own. Maybe its the WiFi interference or cell phones, however the visuals generated tend to flow with the music and the general mood of the room. Most everyone had a DVD or a VJ present however. To me personally the video goes hand in hand with the sound. I guess I’m a little spoiled to expect 2 or 3 beamers going at the same time during every show. Enjoy.