Bent Fest 2008 Minneapolis Round Up Pt 3.

It was kind of scary playing at the Minneapolis Bent Festival 2008 because every single performer was so good. Really makes you want to get done with your set and set the bar, otherwise its a battle of the greatest.

More galleries are up online and videos are coming soon I hear. Check it out.
Creme Dementia
also posted his photos from the fest here. The guy had a wireless camera mounted on his head thanks to Tim Kaiser. Also the first performer Saturday evening to request the Disco Ball turned on. Can’t wait for the video of this.

Creme dementia bent Festival 2008

Austin Cliffe Collage Circuit Bending Festival 2008 Minneapolis
There are also some preliminary videos out mainly of Beatrix*Jar who put on an insane set! Also brought in their own VJ for the job: Wiimote and everything, pretty awesome.