Bent Festival 2009 Friday Lineup


Peter Edwards of Casperelectronics


Family TV

Devgon Ash

Ken Rei

Dr. Rek

Also happening during the day:

ASMO (Anti Social Musik Order)
Dub Siren / Noise Box Workshop
Tickets ($45)
The finished instrument has 16 loop functions, master pitch control, 2 effects (distortion & pulse), a 3 function LFO (speed, amount, wave shape), 5 flashing LED’s and audio out jack. This is an intermediate project (maybe beginner, with soldering experience) which can be built in about 5 or six hours. Participants will be required to bring their own enclosure to house the instrument eg. cigar box, plastic box, aluminum project enclosure, no steel tins, as they are difficult to drill holes through. The enclosure should be no smaller than 200mm x 120mm x 40mm.
Participants MUST bring 4 AA Batteries

Pixel Form
Sensors l Networks
Tickets ($45)
A hands-on, goal-oriented workshop geared to the intermediate circuit builder, covering topics of analog sensors, simple timer circuits, and digital switching. We will learn about light sensors, operational amplifiers, comparators, feedback and electronically controlled switches (transistors, relays, and solid state relays), and how to use them together to create a simple switching circuit which will turn a light on an off based on the amount of light detected by a sensor. By the end of the workshop we should have roughly 20 light controlled light devices which will be installed in the Bent Festival venue space, configured as an interactive light based installation. Beginners are welcome but should read up on related topics: basic electronics, time varying electronics (analog), amplifiers, sensors and detectors, basic digital theory, and high voltage safety. All participants will be required to sign a liability waver due to the use of circuits which involved mains power sources.

Nic Collins Book Release Party
Join us in celebrating the release of the updated version of Nic Collins’ new book! Nic will be on hand to sign copies of the book (also available for purchase on site) and to demo a few of the latest additions. Food and beverages will be provided!