Big Changes to in 2012

Hello Friends,

First of all I would like to Thank you for your continued support of through 2011! I have enjoyed sending out many kits and instruments to musicians and experimenters all over the World. With 2012 well on its way many improvements to service and the blog will be taking place.

Major commitment will be made to improving the customer experience by reducing handling time to 1 business day. In order to accomplish this the availability of each kit, part, or instrument, will be accurately displayed on the page. Once something is Sold Out you will not be able to order it until the next batch arrives.

To avoid frequent Backorders and to comply with general kit assembly practices all circuit boards will be professionally manufactured of the through-hole variety. As much as I love making my own circuit boards it is not possible to keep up with the demand at this point.

Informative documentation for each kit will be available in PDF format with up-to-date assembly diagrams, general assembly tips, parts list, and application notes. Printed instructions will no longer be included. Lets save some trees! The pre-stripped wire is also no more for the time being. Quality 4 color-coded bundle of wire will be included however.

The only negative change is the increase of USPS shipping rates. This will impact International Buyers with the exception of Canada and Mexico. New rate for International Flat Rate Envelope  is now $17.00.

Through previously outlined improvements we hope reduce our operational costs and lower kit prices as a result.

Our staple kits such as APC, LoFi Fuzz, 555 Timer, and LoFi Delay will be simplified with new through hole dual sided circuit boards. Starting with the Quad Oscillator due out later this week. Several new kits are currently in the final stages of development and will be announced shortly as well.

Thank you again for the support.