Blaster Box and the Hellharp

What*Mamma*Had has sold yet more circuit bent stuff. This Blaster Box may not look much, but it sounds pretty awesome, insane machinegun drum rolls. My guess is that it has some drum toy with a pitch resistor controlled by the knob and a photo-resistor. The switches are likely to just add resistance in parallel. The joystick possibly triggers the buttons for each individual sound or loop. It is also possible that the rapid triggering is caused by a 555 timer circuit with the Atari joystick patching the rapid signals to the sound buttons. I think I saw this device or one that looks alot like it a few years ago on eBay, but I may be wrong. The seller seems to be doing pretty good with feedbacks except for one particular buyer from UK who decided to contact the Police because his HellHarp did not arrive as primissed. I can hear it now.
UK Buyer: “Hello Police! I’ve been Ripped off on eBay!”
Police: “What did you buy?”
UK Buyer: “A HellHarp!”
Police: “A what?!?”
But seriously I would not be supprised if it did not make it though the customs and got detained for security reasons cause it looks so odd. Currently the seller is resolving the issue with the buyer.
*Phil helped with that one.