C64 Knob Mod for Prophet64

After getting one of the Prophet64 carts in the mail, I quickly dusted off the old C64 to do a little review. Unfortunately my first impressions were not positive because the cart was very hard to navigate and the lack of manuals currently means that every function has to be probed for and discovered sometimes by button mashing. I wish that there was a help screen with basic keyboard commands built in. Also I wasn’t able to tweak any parameters with the keyboard until Phil of Ruin Projects pointed out that I need pots connected via the joystick port to control the software. Determined to give it another shot I added the pots. The Prophet64 cart manual only has a few sentences about the pots on the last page, much less how to configure them and use them with the software. Although the wiring for the pots is not hard, it does require some thinking, however to speed up the process I drafted a quick schematic of my mod. Once inside the software either the MonoSynth, 303, or 909, you have to get to the menu bar and choose Settings->Controls. From there select Controls as shown by pressing the right arrow to choose POT and L-Shift ON. These settings worked for me, however they may not be 100% correct. This enables positions to be read when the L-Shift is pressed and held down, the keyboard keys will be able to select various parameters, and the knob movements will be read on the screen. To hear dynamic changes something has to be playing, like a pattern or a Demo song, but load the demo song before adjusting the settings for controls, otherwise they will be lost. Despite the hard at first navigation the sounds are freaking crunchy and functions are pretty impressive! I definitely recommend it, but not for people who easily get frustrated, at least not until the manuals come out. The price is very reasonable especially if buying 2 carts and the shipping is free worldwide.
Audio MP3 Sample of dynamic tweaks
Video Clip