Casio PT-100

This build has been in the making for quite some time. Several reasons for that. Finals are next week and I just decided to spend an hour finishing this keyboard so I can start cleaning my workshop for some major work in a weeks time. Granted I should’ve been studying but oh well. Second off PT-100 is shitty for bends. Not a wholelot to screw up there. PT-10 is a way better bend in my opinion. I found some, but nothing amazing. So I added an osc. circuit to it and made it patchable. There are some glitchy sounds but mainly more electronic lofi distortion and…I dunno, hard to explain. I’ll post some sound samples I guess. I got a great idea for painting this badboy. Imagine total gold cover with rhyne stones, in other words
“$$$$$Bling Bling$$$$$$$”!!!