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Reed Ghazala’s DIY Breakout Desk for iPad 2

Our friend Reed Ghazala sent in his latest project, an audio breakout desk to make better use of the iPad 2 music apps. It is a great way of having something more rigid when you are dealing with plugging and unplugging cables or working on a performance using the device. Reed makes a great use of adapting commercially available products like the iPad breakout connector and the iPad desk to create a simply do it yourself accessory.

More technical information, details, and a schematic can be found on Reed Ghazala’s Flickr Page.

Controlling Gameboy with Pedals

Joey Mariano of Animal Style sent in his GBC Footcontroller to share with everyone. Its a control breakout box for a Gameboy System running Nanoloop which is used during live guitar performances. The battery compartment has been removed to make room for a birds nest of wires that are running to each one of the button traces on the board. A DB-15 connector is used to interface with an external breakout box with 1/4 inch jacks that accomodate standard keyboard sustain pedals thus shorting the button connections. During the performance the gameboy is mounted on a Mic stand for easy viewing. This nod can be most certainly done on other systems as well and the idea was inspired by a blog post in Make. See, isn’t sharing fun! Also on MakeBlog and NerdArts.

Parallel Interface First shots

Rehouses Playskool Drum ToyParallel port Break out boxdscn5850sized.jpg
The efforts on the simple parallel inteface are coming along great, everything is working as previously thought it would. The interface itself features a breakout box with a boltbay for patching of trigger pulses to the sound modules. My first sound module is a Playskool Drum Toy with some very nice drum samples that are triggered by shorting the contacts to the ground connection, making it perfect for this application. The circuit board was removed from the toy and re-housed in a second hand display case of sorts from Goodwill. The side of the box contains boltbay connections for each drum sound and the pitch resistor of the toy for patching to the potentiometer added as a feature to the interface box. More work needs to be done to the sequencer software like being able to adjust the tempo and the number of notes in the pattern, also maybe some sort of a saving feature. For now however this is a working prototype that I will demo at Bend and teach people how to build something similar to it.
Entire Rig Parallel Interface, Laptop with Software, and the Drum module
Link to the Gallery of Images here.

Circuit Bent Famicom with a Famicom breakout box

Kaseo has recently completed a circuit bent Famicom with another Famicom as a break out box for the first unit! This was done probably because space is a premium in a Famicom, unlike those great bulky US NES model which allow for tons of switches and knobs, but either way it looks cool. The breakout box also has an audio input that is seen through out the video affecting the scan lines. Now I need to see an circuit bent Atari 2600 with another Atari 2600 as a breakout box.[via Benders Forum]
Video Link.

Circuit Bent SHS-200 with Atari Breakout Box

circuit bent yamaha shs-200 with atari patchbay

This circuit bent Yamaha SHS-200 has been outfitted with a breakout box crafted from an old Atari 2600 by Tablebeast. It recently sold on eBay, but the idea of using your Atari to house something worth while is here to stay. The banks of RCA jacks fit nicely along the vast flat useless space of the 2600. The standard control switches were replaced with massive toggles and the metal covers are a nice touch. One thing to push this over the top would’ve been the ability to plug-in a Classic Atari joystick for patching of the bends. Possibly even mounted on the keytar for killer live performance!