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Circuit Bent 707 with HL and 555 mods

roland 707 circuit bentroland 707 circuit bent breakoutroland highly liquid breakout
This pristine Circuit Bent Roland 707 was sent in by J-Prater who also authored the Singing Bird Bolt-bay keyboard. The breakout box houses 3 discrete 555 timer circuits and a MIDI switch Array kit (MSA) that can be patched to various bend points on the 707 for sonic mayhem. The DB-25 and the MSA are from Highly_Liquid’s fine line of kits.

Sample2-Four Four

Sample3-Self Contained

Electronic Device Digital Interface

Kind of like MIDI, but not quite EDDI (Electronic Device Digital Interface ) bridges the glitch hardware layer with the software controllers. Built from what appears to be 2 HighlyLiquid’s switch array kits this glitch desk system is capable of producing some very neat compositions as seen in this video. The website does not appear to have a lot of info yet, but other circuit bent devices can easily be found as well as upcoming shop and other artist areas. Thanks to youmibow for posting this to the benders list.

Roland 505 Bending and new Burnkit 2600 site

While on the quest for the mysterious HR-16 ROM rewriting info done by the Burnkit2600 crew. I noticed a few other interesting things on their site, first off its now a blog, with RSS 2.0 and Atom feeds perfect for the “Up-to-date” types like me. The next thing is a lengthy thread dedicated to bending the Roland 505 with details on which points do what and some external links to completed mods. Very nice work.

Modified Yamaha RX-17 Patch bay style.

Simon just finished modding his Yamaha RX-17 with the some tips from the Anode Records page. Even though his webpage is in Dutch, its not extremely hard to figure out what is going on. Most of the bends come from a single IC wired to a DB25 connector and patched through some stackable banana jacks on main console. Lots of great images and a very neat video that makes me want to go out and buy an RX-17 on eBay as well.