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Circuit Bending Sounds in the New Lego Movie Soundtrack by Mark Motherbaugh

Yes its true, according to the man himself Mark Motherbaugh who spoke with Deadline Hollywood about the new Lego Movie and quoted a very nice description of what circuit bending is, even dropping a few hints for people to investigate further.

“I used old retro synthesizers that I used from the days of Devo and then used circuit bending.” What is circuit bending? “If you go on YouTube you can see these people who pull out all these crazy, electronic Speak and Spells to Elmo dolls and Casio keyboards and combine the sounds. It’s circuit bending. These people even have their own circuit bent instruments. They are the vocabulary of modern music. So I looked at a lot of that gear, and I created this palate of electronic sounds.”


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GetLoFi LTC1799 Precision Oscillator Clock Module SMT Assembly Video

YouTube Preview Image

Here is a peak into the assembly process of the LTC 1799 Precision Clock Module used in circuit bending crystal controlled digital cpu devices. As you can see we have eliminated the hand soldering of the SMD components with an T-962 IR Oven this makes each module come out clean and even, with no change of damaging the expensive LTC 1799 IC.  There will be further improvements to the process in the coming months including a redesigned circuit board and a new testing pogo jig.