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General Circuit Bent Devices

Antonelli Keyboard with a record player

Way back when the music presets on keyboards were actually stored in the analog format, as this 1970s Antonelli keyboard goes to show. Ben sent in these shots after a successful snag from ebay. The answer to the first question is, No! It does not change the speed of the record playback when keys are pressed. But it would be easy to mod that because the keys are on a resistor bus to begin with. The record player also has a 33 to 45 rpm switch and all of the circuitry looks just right for producing terrible squeaky squarewave tones. A quick vid is located here.

Casio PT-10 bending info

From what I can tell, circuit bending Casio PT-10 may not be the most rewarding thing to do. However these board scans and tip lines may be handy for anyone getting started. Also note that even though Casio PT-10 and Concertmate 350 have similar external looks their boards are not the same as pointed out by the Univac. The above boardscans were posted on the benders forum as links to here , and now they are also archived on GetLofi.

Guild of Acquired Technology Circuit Bending workshop

The Guild of Acquired Technology will be having their Monthly circuit bending festivities this Sunday March 26th, 2006. Downtown Chicago, IL USA. Location is here. I am pretty sure that this is open to anyone who is curious about circuit bending and circuit building. I was asked to visit this event and if everything goes well I will be present to share some of my tips.

* Update * GOAT is has been disbanded.