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Reed Ghazala’s Interview at the Be-In 2008

Gearwire just posted the third and final part of Reed Ghazala’s interview from the circuit bending Be-In on YouTube. Very interesting stuff from The Man himself, talking about which Texas Instruments’ Speak version is the best, among other things. Enjoy.
YouTube Videos: Part1, Part2, Part3. HD quality segments can be also viewed on Gearwire website. Part 1, Part2, Part 3.

Circuitastrophe 08 Round Up Part 1

 Circuitastrophe 08 Flux Monkey, Prowrestler Dude, and Friend

Circuitastrophe 08 was intense, so much that we are still catching up on rest. Huge Thanks goes out to the organizers Mark 1/2 Mang and Nebulagirl for all the hard work in bringing this together and to all the venues we had privilege of exploring: Art Damage Lodge, Mur Mur, Symantecs Gallery, The Mockbee, and the CAC in Cincinnati. The event was incredibly fun and well documented. Next few posts will share the treasure trove of media from those 4 days. First up are some room recordings of sets that were played at the Art Damage Lodge.

Thursday: French Crips, thejunkyardcatalyst, Hardon Collider, Ben Allen, Flux Monkey, Tentacle Boy, Creme Dementia, Free for all Jam during which the above photo was taken.

Friday: Pelzwik, Datura 1.0, Talking Computron, Circuit Ben Reaction, Bunker Kaziu