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Data bending with the use of software or swapping datalines

Kanye’s Data-Bent Music Video aka Datamoshing


Don’t try to adjust your television set because Kanye West’s music video is deliberately glitchy. The director of this video is intentionally dipping into some experimental video techniques of data-bending or datamoshing.  The glitchy video is morphed into live action shots in abstract overlays. Not bad, interesting to see how this noise stuff is getting blended with the pop culture.

Via: [My Friends Call Me Nikkos]

Gieskes’ Video Bent Sega Mega Drive II

circuit bent sega mega driveschematic for circuit bending a sega mega drivecircuit bent sega mega drive

While browsing for something new to post I came across a new mod on the Gieskes.NL website. This time we have a circuit bent Sega Master System II with an RCA patchbay. Gijs was also nice enough to post a schematic refering to the IC which the patchbay was wired to. There are stills as well as some really neat videos on the site. It looks like certain patches only distort the scenes and not the actual characters or gameplay. Great for lofi visuals!

Musical Blackboard for Casio MT-240

A Kaoss pad like device entitled Musical Blackboard was built by Ryan Avery and can be seen in action with this very educational video. The metal sheet interface is used as a sensor for reading body capacitance based on the hand position. The readings are done utilizing a circuit published by the delayed John Simonton of PAIA. Pic microcontroller is then used for processing the values and converting them a stream of serial data that triggers a 40 pin parallel switch circuit. The result is a burst of bends being articulated by the hand movements on the surface of this board. Pure circuit bent/pic microcontroller goodness! More images and the project page is located here. Enjoy.

Video Synth Prototype

It appears as though a computer system is not entirely needed for creation of wonderful patterns on video displays. Brian of MediumRecords has built a prototype circuit with several gates and a counter IC to generate really neat sound responsive patterns on a monitor with BNC connectors for each component. These are very early stages however a video synth like device is planned in the near future. Nice work on the pattens and the video is very neato, reminds me quite a bit of Wobblevision but with more colors and patterns.

PixelForm’s NES Circuit Bending Lessons

PixelForm’s work with circuit bent TI-99s has been featured before however this time the subject is an NES with a slightly different circuit. The glitch points on the NES’ VRAM IC are controlled by a super handy 4066 Quad Switch IC with control pins triggered through the use of a simple but effective OP-Amp based filter bank. The triggers from the filter bank are also fed into a counter IC which controls the second 4066 set of switches. This daisy chain is actually something similar to a sequencer with each step advanced by a strong sound from the audio input. The result is quite beautiful as seen in these video clips: Video Clip1, Video Clip2, Video Clip3, Video Clip4. More info, schematics, and detailed explanations are available through this link and a huge thanks goes out to Phillip for deciding to share the knowledge with everyone.