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Deals spotted on eBay

More Speak and Spells then you know what to do with

9 Speak and Spells for circuit bending
This is certainly a deal of the day sitting at cool $24.99, but I expect there to be quite a ferocious bidding war towards the end. Especially now that I posted about it. A Lot of 9 Speak and ____s and up for grabs here. In case anyone was wondering where all SK-1s go? This image taken from ClassAElectronics website may give you a clue. Tasty glitches! Thanks to Igloo Martian for the tip.
Lots of SK-1s

Realistic Concertmate – 500


…is more or less clone of Casio SK-1 that was manufactured for Radio Shack. Sometimes the current mind boggling prices of $60 or more for an SK-1s on eBay can be avoided by searching for the Concertmate – 500 instead. The seller of this auction however really felt compelled to post an excessive number of closeup photos of the keyboard and the box, maybe hoping that it would help to boost the value of this wanna be Casio SK-1.

Circuit Bent eBay find

Circuit Bent Noise Box Synth

This interesting looking synth noise box aka “The Slutbox” was extracted from this circuit bent auction. I guess for me its really hard to concentrate on the item pictured if it is sitting in an unmade bed with dirty dishes, a TV remote, and a drill laying around. Plus the orange stripped wallpaper, OMG! Not sure if this is a joke or not, but even if the circuit bending/DIY synth skills are up to par, the picture taking skills are lacking. Unless this is really a joke and the shot was set up, in which case I tip my hat, well done My Casio Catharsis.

Slutbox circuit bent noise synth 2