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Experimental Sounds from Pickups and MSP

Our friend Gretchen from Gearwire recently recorded and skillfully edited an interview with Hans Tammen at AES. Before watching this video I was not aware of Mr Tammen’s work and it is interesting to see his transformation to the computer world with MAX/MSP, while preserving the experimental aesthetics of his prepared guitar and a bunch of pedals. Love it or hate it this is a good example of Experimental Noise Music.

Throbbing Gristle on Boing Boing Video

Cool interview with Throbbing Gristle on BoingBoing Video. The part about the Gristlizer is very interesting. Not only did the device define TGs sound, but the band made and sold replicas of the original instrument at their recent show in Chicago. As far as merchandising goes this is almost a break through, or at least a good idea.grislteizerinside.jpg
Original article that the Gristlizer was based on is here.