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Shows and Events featuring circuit bent and experimental musicians.

Circuit Bending at Maker Faire 2006

Circuit Bending performance at the Maker Faire 2006. For those who missed this Circuit Bent instrument jam at the faire, I gotta say, I don’t think that you missed much. For some reason this video of a Human Powered Ferris Wheel was a lot more entertaining. It could also be the fact that I am so desensitized to Circuit Bent stuff that things have to be pretty spectacular to float my boat now a days. I guess there was also a talk that preceded this, but I didn’t have luck finding that on YouTube. Thanks to Steve for taping and sending this.

Bent 2006 on now!

I guess there is something called Bent 2006 going on right now in NYC. I thought about going, but decided against. While the festival does cover a wide variety of interesting topics like 555s, oscillators, SK-1 Midi control, SpeakJet hacking, etc, most of that info is already available on the internet. It would be lovely however to mingle with all the other benders and builders to put some faces with nicknames, but maybe next time. I hope everyone has fun and posts lots of pictures. Blogs of the event are here and here.

Mexican r4WB1t5 Macro.Fest in Chicago

Happening this week Thursday April 6th through Sunday April 9th. Many interesting performances and gallery showings all wrapped into one Macro event, with guest artists and curators from Mexico physically traveling to Chicago for battle of the avant garde. Experimental music is also a large part of this. Please visit R4WB!T5 website for more info, schedrule, locations, and directions.

Guild of Acquired Technology Circuit Bending workshop

The Guild of Acquired Technology will be having their Monthly circuit bending festivities this Sunday March 26th, 2006. Downtown Chicago, IL USA. Location is here. I am pretty sure that this is open to anyone who is curious about circuit bending and circuit building. I was asked to visit this event and if everything goes well I will be present to share some of my tips.

* Update * GOAT is has been disbanded.

Circuit Blasting

From what I hear “Circuit Blasting” is a new technique of blasting devices with extreme voltages using Victorian style science devices and it is something that Mark Pilkington will be dabbling into at 3pm this Sunday 19 March 2006, at the Camden Arts Centre, Arkwright Road, London NW3 6DG. No images or sounds are yet available, except above possibly unrelated shot that was mixed in with some neat live images of various bands on Mark’s Flickr page. Blogger still not posting images right, so we are hotlinked once again. Big thanks to Ben for showing this to me.