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Famous people using circuit bent stuff.

Flaming Lips using a Circuit Bent Animal Farm Keyboard

Flaming Lips Wayne Coyne with Circuit Bent Keyboard

Flaming Lips Using Circuit Bent Keyboard Live 2Flaming Lips Using Circuit Bent Keyboard Live
The new Flaming Lips album “At War With the Mystics” has some Circuit Bent Animal Farm action on it. Wayne Coyne also posed with his keyboard ( Pictured Above ) for the Keyboard Mag‘s article on the new album. As a side note, Keyboard Mag has atleast one mention of “circuit bending” every issue that I get now. Wayne’s keyboard seems to have only one rather large silver knob controlling the pitch, but it would be most interesting to find out if he built the device or had someone else do it. Props will go out in either case. The lower images are from live performance and there are lots and lots more interesting shots of the Lips on Flickr from the current tour which looks to be buckets and buckets of fun.

Target to Carry Circuit Bent TR 707s

This time my once a week post will be about Deepchild and circuit bent TR707s up on eBay. Apparently SwingingTastyBag member has come up with a set of mods to alter the pitch of individual drum sounds on the TR707. So far there have been a couple of modded machines posted on eBay 707 Auction 1 and 707 Auction 2. After a quick google search I found this page that pretty much details the pitch mod with original schematics and everything and a sound sample. Because of the digital nature of the 707 a clock modifier is needed to change the sample playback rate. Doing this mod for each drum sound would require individual circuits to be added, however to minimize the part count a 558 Quad 555 can most likely be used. The glitch patch system of switches is a very nice touch in combination with the pitch mod. unfortunately I was not able to find any good samples of STB’s 707 on its own, however in the auction the artist Deepchild is referenced as a user of one such modded device. His stuff can be found on BeatPort and it can be classified as nu-dub and post-trip hop with his newer stuff resembling dubby micro-house. The point is really this, while the most of the creators of circuit bent and DIY electronic sound devices are involved in the noise scene by performing drone 30 minute sound collages/space music. Some conventional music producers are not quite ready to take the leap in that direction. Instead they are splicing short bits and pieces to spice up their over-produced pop music. And while no one in the mainstream would pay money for noise music they would most certainly pay money for dance records that incorporate tiny noise aspects to be just a little different from everything else that is out there.

Bruce Haack documentary for free!

For those who like free stuff, here is an interesting Bruce Haack “King Of Techno” Documentary available for free on
Of course this is a clever Netflix marketing campaign along with a grass roots effort to raise the popularity of the google video which seems to be squashed by YouTube, but who cares its free. The documentary starts up with Bruce’s struggle and more less failure trying to make it in the mainstream before crossing over into the niche of children’s records. This worked out really well for him because it provided an outlet where the competition was really nonexistent and helped to build his catalog and fan base. The music on those records is by far more stimulating and engaging for young minds then anything popular music has to offer. The songs are angular with many unheard of sounds, but with great rhythm and structure. By the same token it is explicitly stated that Bruce was quite a peyote smoker and drinker in his day. Even though his music is extremely Psychedelic even by today’s standards, his musical abilities were developed since early childhood leading him to become a Piano improvisation virtuoso in the NYC Dance Studio circuit. None to less his electronic music is very messed up and trippy, no doubt appreciated by stoners world wide. It is always interesting to learn about the progression of musical genres in this case hip hop and electronica by watching and listening to the pioneers. The video made my evening go by fast and I want to thank Audio Mastermind for blogging about this.
*Update* Looks like the free ride is over. It is only the first 6 Minutes now. Sucks.