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Swan River Yogue 2014 by 555 – Free Music Friday – Ambient Synthesizer Tape

Swan River Yogue (2014) by 555 on Mixcloud

Mixcloud radio home of resonant music in the “555” multiverse

555 is the solo moniker of producer Chris Farstad and is dedicated to exploring the spectrum between contemporary new age “ambience” and the kinetic momentum of percussion.

“…levitating over a circle of stones behind their crumbling castle, what looks like an animist ritual and a paranormal manifestation is in truth a scientific experiment…of disciplines yet to be codified in journals, conferences and paradigms. The seed of these new sciences floats in some blissful harmonies liquid like oceans floating across space, to connect the shores of distant planets.”

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Free Music – Dustin E.’s Moon Phase Session 1

Dustin E. presents the Moon Phase Sessions 1 – Waxing Crescent – August released on August 19th 2012. The Moon Phase Sessions will be a series of recordings tailored to the sounds of night. Each session will be named after the phase of the moon it was recorded during. Waxing Crescent – August was made using Contact mics, turnstyle music boxes, FM3 Buddha Machine, Leap Frog Alphabet bus, Gristleism, Playskool Night Light toy, Sounds of Nature flashlight, Vtech Discovery Nursery Farm, Korg Monotron’s filter, and a cog wheel koto made by Tim Kaiser.

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Free Music Friday – Mystery Palace – Nervio EP Album Download Zip MP3

Mystery Palace – I Thought I Was Right from PLAYATTA

Our friends Mystery Palace, a dream pop band based in Minneapolis who incorporate dancy D&B with circuit bent glitchy sounds and vintage synth pads, have recently released their long awaited follow up to their 2008 Flags Forward LP. This EP is available for download from the website.
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