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Free Music Friday – Mystery Palace – Nervio EP Album Download Zip MP3

Mystery Palace – I Thought I Was Right from PLAYATTA

Our friends Mystery Palace, a dream pop band based in Minneapolis who incorporate dancy D&B with circuit bent glitchy sounds and vintage synth pads, have recently released their long awaited follow up to their 2008 Flags Forward LP. This EP is available for download from the website.
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ca 424 – 10KoneKt VS MIXoLIVe – 10KoLIVe

01 – #ff1017 – 11:25
02 – #c0fc04 – 15:53
03 – #8f8f8e – 15:26
04 – #d40f2f – 15:30

10KoLIVe is the result of collaboration between 10Konekt & MIXOLIVE.
All tracks recorded live in November 2010.
Artwork by StruKtur.

10Konekt: duo of sonic manipulators and circuit benders.

MIXOLIVE: experimental solo project based on looped guitars and various sonic materials.




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Free Music Friday – MEGADUMP

by Creme DeMentia


Here is a recording made in Cincinnati by Karl aka thejunkyardcatalyst at the Thriftsore Boratorium on May 18th, 2010 at about 3:00am. It features thejunkyardcatalyst and Mark 1/2 Mang as well as the members of CMKT 4.   Lots of circuit bent instruments as well as some prepared guitar, regular guitar, synthesizers, records, sleep deprivation, juggled cats and yelling neighbors. This is the first in a series of MEGADUMP recordings to follow on for more information. Enjoy!

Tomorrow, in a Year. The Knife, Mount Sims, and Planningtorock

The Knife and Mount Sims are my favorite electronic artists, so it was insane to hear that they collaborated on Tomorrow, in a Year project with another artist Planningtorock. The music was commissioned by a Danish Theater group for an Opera based on Charles Darwin’s “Origin of the Species”. Tracks evolve much like the life on earth from simple, yet surprisingly experimental and packed full of wonderful low frequencies. To complex orchestral compositions with pounding drum machines you’d expect from Mount Sims and heavy synth lines characteristic of The Knife. Great listening experience with a capable sound sound system or nice headphones. This treasure trove of sounds is completely free for listening online. More information: Here
Entire Album:
Tomorrow, In A Year by Rabid Records
Collaborators explain the writing process: