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kBang GameBoy Sequencer

Gameboy Solenoid Sequencer
Most often people want to take advantage of the sweet sweet LoFi onboard synth present in the Game Boy. However this time the tables have turned and the handheld system became an integral part of a physical computing apparatus.

GameBrain Gameboy Interface
Jowan of managed to interface the GameBrain cart with solenoids and play them via primitive sequencer software written in GBBasic for the GB. The project is called kBang and is worth checking out just to put a new spin on things. Thanks to Silas for sending this in.

Controlling Gameboy with Pedals

Joey Mariano of Animal Style sent in his GBC Footcontroller to share with everyone. Its a control breakout box for a Gameboy System running Nanoloop which is used during live guitar performances. The battery compartment has been removed to make room for a birds nest of wires that are running to each one of the button traces on the board. A DB-15 connector is used to interface with an external breakout box with 1/4 inch jacks that accomodate standard keyboard sustain pedals thus shorting the button connections. During the performance the gameboy is mounted on a Mic stand for easy viewing. This nod can be most certainly done on other systems as well and the idea was inspired by a blog post in Make. See, isn’t sharing fun! Also on MakeBlog and NerdArts.