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LoFi-Fest 2007, Sept 15th. This Saturday!

Attention Dear Readers! For the past Month I’ve been gearing up for an Experimental Electronic/Circuit Bending/Noisecore Festival at the Hall Mall in Downtown Iowa City. It is looking to be a good old time.

The Line Up includes:
Igloo Martian- WI
Talking Computron- IA
Creme Dementia- IL
Spunky Toofers- MO
Datura 1.0- MN
Beatrix*Jar – MN
FoodTeam – MN

Play times: (Roughly, may change)
8:30PM – Creme Dementia
9:15 PM – Igloo Martian
10:00 PM – Spunky Toofers
10:45 PM – Datura 1.0
11:45 PM – Beatrix*Jar
1:45 AM – Talking Computron

There will be T-Shirts and Circuit Bending Compilations from Tiger Claw Records. Computer Visualization system and a top-end Stereo PA!

Cost: is $6 All ages, must be 21+ to drink w/ID. BYOB.
Location: Hall Mall, Downtown Iowa City.
Time: Doors 8:00 PM
Location Roughly: Google Maps Link

After the show I’m hoping to blog more frequently. Thanks for still reading this and hope to see some of you there.


New Contributor on

Hello and please allow me to introduce Rodney of Tiger Claw Records as a new contributor to GetLoFi Blog. Rodney works closely with musicians in the genre of Circuit Bending and Experimental Electronic Music giving him the insight and connections to bring you interviews, listening suggestions, and more. While I struggle to find the time to properly keep up the blog, Rodney will assist in bring much needed reading material. Thank you.

News about the News

Lots of exciting new posts coming right up. But most importantly I want to acknowledge a nod from Mike of the Bent Festival about me appearing at the
Minneapolis, MN gathering on April 19-21st, 2007. As of now I am slated on being there, days are officially taken off work and reservations will be made shortly. The only thing now is to ask around for my friends to join me on the trip.

Another detail yet to be determined is what I’m going to talk about, some possible topics include:

  • Selling Instruments in eBay
  • Building Oscillators with 4093 Quad NAND Gates or 555 IC
  • Controlling Bent Instruments with a Computer Parallel port ( Super Simple Way )
  • Controlling Bent Instruments with Processing and Arduino Board ( Super Simple Way 2 )
  • 486 computer bending

These topics are not confirmed with the organizers, but soon I’m hoping they will be so I can start preparing. Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

Here is the picture of the InterMedia Arts venue which will host the Bent Festival MN:


Website slow!

Emm, not sure what exactly is happening, but it seems like the bandwidth usage is through the roof, since about 10 PM last night. I think Make:Zine posted a few links to Getlofi and that could be causing all the traffic. I guess wait till the tide passes, but at this time I can’t do much. Please be patient. Thanks. –CM

*Update* Next order of business is to create YouTube videos of my content, I think the quicktimes hosted on the server are a huge waste bandwidth.