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kBang GameBoy Sequencer

Gameboy Solenoid Sequencer
Most often people want to take advantage of the sweet sweet LoFi onboard synth present in the Game Boy. However this time the tables have turned and the handheld system became an integral part of a physical computing apparatus.

GameBrain Gameboy Interface
Jowan of managed to interface the GameBrain cart with solenoids and play them via primitive sequencer software written in GBBasic for the GB. The project is called kBang and is worth checking out just to put a new spin on things. Thanks to Silas for sending this in.

Phil Archer devices

Water on Yamaha Circuit Bending
1 + 2

Printer Circuit Bent Modified
Going though my email I found a long ago correspondence with Phil Archer and a link to his website. His works have been shown in publications like the Nic Collins Hand Made Electronic Music Book and also as parts of Exhibitions. Some of his methods I find interesting. Like the prepared Printer, much like John Cages’ prepared Piano, an old Deskjet can be turned into a percussion instrument without any advanced programming. Simply by removing the steppers and attaching them to objects, then just send the document to print and listen. He also uses hand crank generators to power circuit bent devices mounted in varnished boxes, making it a very engaging experience for the participants. The most radical idea however is probably the water dripping onto an exposed Yamaha Synth circuit board. Nice sounds are produced and the devices apparently don’t fry for a while. Something to definatelly consider.

Deal of the Day-Arion Pedal Sales

Arion Delay

$19.99 or less for a limited time can get you any of these Arion pedals including Stereo Delay, Stereo Chorus, Stereo Phaser right now at Musicians Friend or Amazon. Plus is you use Paypal at MF the shipping is Free! Although there is some information on bending these pedals from what I gather the results are not spectacular. The SAD-3 however does not sound half bad on its own and it is based around an analog delay IC BBD MN3208. Certainly modding the BBD clock for slower speeds is not out of the question to extend the delay times, but any kind of a delay pedal usually makes even the simplest noisemaker sound good. Thanks to Chris for the info.

Noise to hear this weekend! Dec. 2006.

DSS Improv Chicago 2006 GetLoFi Circuit bent Noise

The DSS Improv Trio is playing in Chicago this weekend at the Elastro Electro/Acoustic Series. It features Phil Shearns the creator of Burlap Sack Sound Sculptures, the TI-99 Bending, and NES Video Bending. This time Phil is working on the Feedback and noises from Custom Electronics improvising for Aaron D. on FM Transmitter Feedback, Talkboy Deluxe, and Assorted Electronics with Cello and Viola by April Guthrie and Cassia Streb. The DSS Improv website hosts quite a few MP3s from previous events. However I am hoping that the future performances will be also posted. Those who go to enjoy, please post pictures/info for everybody else who can’t make it listen to the WLUW 88.7 web cast on Sunday.
Sample Live MP3 – CUT 01

Friday and Saturday the performance is happening at:
Friday December 1 – 4PM
Canterbury House
721 E. Huron Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Sunday December 3 – 10PM
WLUW 88.7 Independent Community Radio – Chicago
“Something Else” produced and hosted by Phillip von Zweck

* Please note that the above event can be tuned into by anyone on the Internet. Through the streaming link at 10PM Central.Monday December 4 – 9PM
with – Estesombelo and Abduction
Elastic – ELASTRO electro/acoustic series
2830 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago IL