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Toy laptop round up

Kids are not interested in stuff without QWERTY keyboards nowadays. They want toy laptops, which come in various shapes and sizes. These new educational devices seem to me like an untapped circuit bending and modding territory. Some are pretty complicated and even have programming languages like BASIC built in. I guess the main prohibiting point is the cost, however I am sure second hand these get pretty cheap. Because these are CPU based they would most likely just crash during the conventional poking, instead reprogramming these devices may be the way to go. [via Benders list]
Product links: Link 1, Link 2,Link 3,Link 4,Link 5,Link 6,Link 7

Cheap parts, tools, and kits from MPJA

I’ve been hanging on to the catalog from Maplin P. Jones and Associates for quite while, however no time is a bad time for a post about cheap parts from a US vendor in Florida. It is usually the case that a single supplier does not have all the best deals on everything. Fortunately for us their switches are very reasonably priced if purchased in quantities of 100 for $32 US plus $8 shipping. Soldering stations are not bad either only $15 for temp controlled. For those who are just starting in DIY electronics this OP-Amp kit is highly recommended, simply replace the pot with a photo resistor and you have an instant optical theremin system with sine, square, and triangle waves for only $4.95 on a PCB that is ready to mount in a case of your choice.

Zebranalogic Shop

Zabranalogic based in City of Lima Peru, has been selling handmade gear at very reasonable prices. Of course the shipping may be quite a bit extra, but $120 for a bunch of knobs and switches to create strange sounds with is not bad. The 2 employee company also sells guitar effects and does mods on factory pedals like increasing delay time and changing the gain. I really dig the plexi glass look and the designs of their pedals are very. I guess a full fledged synth is on the way also. Big Thanks to Jim for the link.