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It’s Warhol Actually – Music Track with a Circuit Bent Casio MT-240

CasioMT240-FullCasioMT240-LeftCasioMT240-Back CasioMT240-Right

“Obviously, the best feature about the Casio MT-240 is the MIDI function.  To record, I would basically loop the parts and experiment with flipping the switches until I got something that I thought sounded cool and workable.  Everything was recorded in stereo. Other sounds/samples that work their way into this track include David Bowie, Daft Punk and Meatloaf  (yes, Meatloaf).  😉

Couple things about the mods…  the outputs on the back are a left and right 1/4″ stereo out.  The switches up by the volume control turn on and off each speaker (left and right), the third button below makes it go from stereo to mono.  The red button on the back is the “kill switch”. All switches are “off” when they are pointed in.

Finally, although I do a fair amount of bending (and as much as I would love to take credit for this beauty); it was actually done by FoodTeam (who you featured mods by years and years ago on GetLoFi).  Trust me, my projects never seem to work so well and definitely don’t ever look so nice and organized (heck, there’s even a  pattern to the color of the switches!).  ;)”

Computer At Sea EP

Seemingly forever in the making, Computer At Sea’s EP Palace of the Lightbulbs is finally available in digital format on bandcamp.

With the exception of one bass line, every sound on the recording is from a circuit bent instrument, hand made synth, chiptune hardware, or other found electronics. The album will be released in the physical world on white vinyl some time in late April with a small east coast tour to follow in the spring/early summer.

For more info and download instructions check out:

* WARNING LOUD NOISE INTRO!* Normal after that.

Sampleman – a Bender in Britain!

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I’d like to offer up some of my Bent/Avant-Experimental Noise for all the followers of GetLoFi. I record as “Sampleman” here in the U.K-many of the pieces are improvised over found sounds or other organic noises which I then muck about with. I have been recording weird stuff since I was 14 and set all the clockwork toys running at the same time in my local toyshop and recorded the result on my cassette recorder.The owner thought it was amusing! If you have the time check out the blog.There are whole albums of stuff to download-feel free.