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New Products to aid benders

The Downgrade – Analog Sampling Rate Reducer

BitRate Reducer The Squarewave Parade

It is hard to believe that half of a 40106 Hex Schmitt Trigger and single AD781 Sample and Hold amplifier IC can produce such a tasty lo-fi sounding effect processor. The circuit, which was developed and published by Tom Bugs on the BugBrand website is nothing short of genius with its utilization of the AD781 to sample, hold, and release a sound wave partial with each clock cycle of the 40106 oscillator. The result of such process is a very good simulation of what it sounds like to reduce the sampling rate from of a source from 44,100 Hz CD quality to 28,000 Hz NES or even lower 8,000 Hz Telephone Quality all in real-time. Impressed by the initial results and after weeks spent on research and development Steven of the Squarewave Parade asked Tom Bugs for a permission to modify the design and produce a limited run of 10 units, which are available for sale now. Each unit has been manufactured to be highly esthetically pleasing despite ultra decimating sounds under the hood. Currently each purchase also comes with a free original design T-Shirt. Nice work Steven!

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The downgrade the squarewave paradeBug Crusher Design

The downgrade

Women Take Back The Noise…

…by manufacturing a 1000 unit limited edition CD release package, which is finally available to the public through the WTBTN website. The CD contained features an impressive list of 47 female musicians and noisicians from around the globe. The case itself includes a circuit-bent Noise Cookie assembled one at a time mostly by Ninah Pixie, with help of some friends, who built 1000 of these units in about 6 months. These transparent color storage cases can be played as a noise circuit with touch points controlling on the spot glitching and also an output jack for amplification. A few samples of raunchy sounds can be heard here. This truly impressive project has been 3 years in the making and now is a great time to celebrate this unique accomplishment. Cheers to Ninah and everyone else who contributed for sharing the Noise Cookie Love!

Here is a YouTube video done by DAS demonstrating the Noise Cookie

Circuit Bent and MAX/MSP themed T-Shirts

It really doesn’t matter where you live, you pretty much have to wear clothes. So why not wear something cool to show the world how you feel, or that you do make circuit bent gear and program MAX/MSP. Well now you can thanks to The shop is a one man operation with limited edition silk screened printing. At the moment there are only a few designs to choose from and my fav being the “F**K You” Speak and Spell. However future limited editions will include custom logo wear with various circuit bent instruments and schematics. The quality is top notch and the shipping is fast. These shirts are definitely not recycled! I got mine last week and wore it to a party, needless to say it was a huge hit, especially with the ladies. For a limited time only they are available at the low introductory rate of $9.99, give me a break you can’t even buy a lame shirt for that much, so order today!

Actually reasonable prices at Radio Shack

A 6 x 8 inch pre-drilled perf board at your local Radio Shack should only be $4.87, I got a couple because they are very useful for circuit building and a step up from point to point component soldering. Some prices have dropped at their web store also like $63 for the top of the line Electronics Learning Lab! Damn, I remember when those were like $199! These labs were more-less developed by Forest Mims so there are always some neat noise making circuits and a good collection of basic circuits for future design incorporation. The Sensor Lab is cheaper yet, $49 and there are plenty of projects with LEDs, touch sensors, and tone generation. The manuals with all the schematics are online here and here. So the circuits can be easily replicated even without having to purchase anything. Thanks Rat Shack!

Blue Man Group’s new PVC toys…For the masses

Tom over at MusicThing always gets the latest and the coolest scoop :-). As in the case with these Blue Man Group inspired toys from ToyQuest which feature optical sensors and iPod integration for rocking out to your favorite iTMS songs as a clever marketing gimmick. I also think that black and silver are the new hip colors, not white. Either way once these are out they should be priced around $80. There is talk of being able to interchange instruments/sounds, so I bet these will be nice for hacking.