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Word Press Migration

Update: 8:12 AM 9/1/06

Sweetness! The RSS feed has picked back up and now in full force with the new software. Embedded MP3 player as well! Aside from a few little tweaks I think we are ready to blog!
Migration completed!

Update: 1:37 PM 8/31/06 Cheese and Crackers! I got my posts imported! What a hellish nightmare that was. For those looking to import their Blogger accounts to WordPress, take a note. Direct imports do not work for some odd reason if the publishing is done to an FTP site. I know it worked fine before in order versions of WordPress, but now it does not. Dispite being known as one of the WordPress Bugs in 2.0.3. The work around is to publish to a account and then to import. What a huge hassle. Took a few days to figure out. Oh well. Normal posting will resume soon, after the templates are tweaked. –CM

Been too quiet lately

I really don’t know what the deal is but it seems like things slowed down a bit in the Circuit Bending world. The Benders group is hardly active and the tip emails have stopped coming in. Maybe everyone is just out enjoying their summer and not spending much time being a cooped up geek, I guess that’s good. I’m getting ready to build more devices however at the moment my project is crafting a wooden case for C64 with an LCD panel built-in. Results should be available soon.

Bruce Haack documentary for free!

For those who like free stuff, here is an interesting Bruce Haack “King Of Techno” Documentary available for free on
Of course this is a clever Netflix marketing campaign along with a grass roots effort to raise the popularity of the google video which seems to be squashed by YouTube, but who cares its free. The documentary starts up with Bruce’s struggle and more less failure trying to make it in the mainstream before crossing over into the niche of children’s records. This worked out really well for him because it provided an outlet where the competition was really nonexistent and helped to build his catalog and fan base. The music on those records is by far more stimulating and engaging for young minds then anything popular music has to offer. The songs are angular with many unheard of sounds, but with great rhythm and structure. By the same token it is explicitly stated that Bruce was quite a peyote smoker and drinker in his day. Even though his music is extremely Psychedelic even by today’s standards, his musical abilities were developed since early childhood leading him to become a Piano improvisation virtuoso in the NYC Dance Studio circuit. None to less his electronic music is very messed up and trippy, no doubt appreciated by stoners world wide. It is always interesting to learn about the progression of musical genres in this case hip hop and electronica by watching and listening to the pioneers. The video made my evening go by fast and I want to thank Audio Mastermind for blogging about this.
*Update* Looks like the free ride is over. It is only the first 6 Minutes now. Sucks.

Prophet 64 MIDI interface Prototype

So far this interface does not look like much except for a large PIC protoboard with some serial and midi connections. However the sounds are very impressive, listen to sample 1 and sample 2. firestARTer has been hard at work on The Prophet 64 Cart interface promising to deliver full MIDI parameter knob tweakage and notes for complete SID control. The previous version of the Prophet 1.0 interface can be researched here which is a DIN-SYNC with MIDI start and stop. The Prophet64 group has been fairly active covering the new Prophet64 craze. People are going all out to mod their c64s with PSone LCD panels for ultimate portability. The manuals are still not done however older versions of the Free Prophet 64 can be downloaded from my local Mirror.