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Circuit Bent SHS-200 with Atari Breakout Box

circuit bent yamaha shs-200 with atari patchbay

This circuit bent Yamaha SHS-200 has been outfitted with a breakout box crafted from an old Atari 2600 by Tablebeast. It recently sold on eBay, but the idea of using your Atari to house something worth while is here to stay. The banks of RCA jacks fit nicely along the vast flat useless space of the 2600. The standard control switches were replaced with massive toggles and the metal covers are a nice touch. One thing to push this over the top would’ve been the ability to plug-in a Classic Atari joystick for patching of the bends. Possibly even mounted on the keytar for killer live performance!

Circuit Bent Roland 707 with Cathode Tubes and Patchbay

circuit bent roland 707circuit bent roland 707 tr patchbaycircuit bent modified roland 707 website has been around for a while showcasing latest bends and custom works. But this time their Circuit Bent Roland 707 caught my attention via an eBay auction. The first thing that sticks out is Cathode tube light system glowing nicely over the pattern screen. The drum machine itself produces very nice sounds and with the bends enabled they are strangely 8-bit. Something I would expect from a MIDINES. After examining more images I noticed that the ballast for the lights is a black box sticking out off to the side. Kind of an eye sore, but I guess its the price you have to pay if you are not using LEDs. Nice.

Circuit Bent TR-626 “Work of Art”

tr626 circuit bent patchbay drum machine bended2tr626 circuit bent patchbay drum machine bendedtr626 circuit benttr626 circuit bent patchbay drum machine

This circuit bent Roland TR-626 built in Portugal and was recently sold on eBay for a surprisingly low amount. There were lots and lots of pictures in the auction, but unfortunately no audio. So that could be why people were hesitant to bid it up. I do wonder if it is harder for people to circuit bend devices in other countries. For one the prices for used vintage gear may be higher and of course parts and materials are not cheap either. Some eBay sellers will not ship outside US cause its a hassle. But this may not be true for brand new equipment because everything comes from China nowadays so the actual costs are about the same across the board. What varies is the country’s own import tariffs and whatever merchants tack on. Given that in the US people can afford to pay more it could be that musical goods are actually higher priced in America as opposed to other countries. Any international and US benders please feel free to comment on this matter.

Singing Bird Bolt Bay Keyboard

singing bird circuit bent boltbaysinging bird bolt bayplexi glass boltbay

This hanging wall piece started of as a Kids Musican Fun keyboard and morphed into a nasty glitch monster thanks to J-Prater. It boasts a heavy duty bolt bay to trigger notes instead of keys. Apparently this circuit works with only pure touch contacts to produce the sounds. The center piece of this construction is a blinding headlamp composed of high power LEDs to blind the performer and trigger a hypnotic trance. Pitch knobs have been added to the internal musical circuit as well as an auxilary singing bird sound device. The real beauty is in the detail, so feel free to click on the images and see for yourself.

Gieskes’ Video Bent Sega Mega Drive II

circuit bent sega mega driveschematic for circuit bending a sega mega drivecircuit bent sega mega drive

While browsing for something new to post I came across a new mod on the Gieskes.NL website. This time we have a circuit bent Sega Master System II with an RCA patchbay. Gijs was also nice enough to post a schematic refering to the IC which the patchbay was wired to. There are stills as well as some really neat videos on the site. It looks like certain patches only distort the scenes and not the actual characters or gameplay. Great for lofi visuals!