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Any hardware that uses a patchbay

FoodTeam’s new Gallery is online.

The creative force of FoodTeam has published quite a gallery of their instruments with sound samples, plenty of inside shots, and schematics. Something to note is that most of their bent equipment is circa 90s digital gear like Digital Delays, FX processors, PSR series keyboards etc. None to less those do make for best Glitches per se. Rewiring the Rom and DAC data paths almost always yields great results, but the risk frying this studio gear of course is great as well.

Gallery Link Fixed

SK-1 Modular Mod from France

Frederic sent me this awesome MS-20 style cab mod that he just finished for his SK-1. The bends all came from online resources and the process is detailed with photos and explanations of all the panel functions. The front panel really gives this device a professional look because it was actually done at a metal shop by Frederic’s friend Jean. No audio samples yet, but lots of good tips on the site, like using a camcorder adapter integrated into the case as a power supply for the instrument and using fake leather to wrap the case, grrrrr.

Electronic Device Digital Interface

Kind of like MIDI, but not quite EDDI (Electronic Device Digital Interface ) bridges the glitch hardware layer with the software controllers. Built from what appears to be 2 HighlyLiquid’s switch array kits this glitch desk system is capable of producing some very neat compositions as seen in this video. The website does not appear to have a lot of info yet, but other circuit bent devices can easily be found as well as upcoming shop and other artist areas. Thanks to youmibow for posting this to the benders list.

Roland 505 Bending and new Burnkit 2600 site

While on the quest for the mysterious HR-16 ROM rewriting info done by the Burnkit2600 crew. I noticed a few other interesting things on their site, first off its now a blog, with RSS 2.0 and Atom feeds perfect for the “Up-to-date” types like me. The next thing is a lengthy thread dedicated to bending the Roland 505 with details on which points do what and some external links to completed mods. Very nice work.

Pixel maelstrom V3 circuit bent TI-99

PixelForm has been mentioned before on the GetLoFi with very cool modded TI-99s and Ataris. What is different about this V3 model in particular is the built in quad oscillators that can be feedback in to the video patches for creating dynamically changing patterns. However the audio does not seem to be linked to the video, so the circular content generation is not possible at this moment. I am really surprised that more people are not toying around with these computers for bending purposes, they are dirt cheap compared to this Pixel Maelstrom V3 from Bent 2006 modified version, which is up on eBay right now. There are also some videos of the device in action available on the auction page.