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Mods that use a pitch Resistor

Circuit Bending Workshop with Lazy B

circuit bending workshop with ben goldstone

Neat video of a circuit bending workshop conducted by Ben Goldstone at an unknown location, posted on Oct 16th, 2006 to YouTube by sairsinj. In the first few minutes “Lazy B” demos a few circuit bent guitar pedals and a contact mic device picking up EMF, while warning the students that some sounds can be cool, he also cautions that there is a fine line between stupid and clever. Soon after a short lecture guinea toys find them selfs disassembled and bent. [Via] Reproman Blog

12 Pikachu Orchestra

12 pikachus circuit bent

Kaseo has posted a Flickr stream of a 12 Pikachu performance at some venue in Tokyo, Japan. No sound samples yet, but one can only imagine the sonic devastation of 12 of these Pikaremins! Sounds and a video demonstration of a single circuit bent Pikachu is available on Kaseo’s [bEnt or diE?] website.
circuti bent pikachu 12 of them12 pikachus circuit bent orchestracircuit bent pikachu

*Update* Video Sample can be seen here. Thanks Kaseo.

OOPS! I guess we maxed Kaseo’s site as well. Its good to be loved.

Singing Bird Bolt Bay Keyboard

singing bird circuit bent boltbaysinging bird bolt bayplexi glass boltbay

This hanging wall piece started of as a Kids Musican Fun keyboard and morphed into a nasty glitch monster thanks to J-Prater. It boasts a heavy duty bolt bay to trigger notes instead of keys. Apparently this circuit works with only pure touch contacts to produce the sounds. The center piece of this construction is a blinding headlamp composed of high power LEDs to blind the performer and trigger a hypnotic trance. Pitch knobs have been added to the internal musical circuit as well as an auxilary singing bird sound device. The real beauty is in the detail, so feel free to click on the images and see for yourself.

Flaming Lips using a Circuit Bent Animal Farm Keyboard

Flaming Lips Wayne Coyne with Circuit Bent Keyboard

Flaming Lips Using Circuit Bent Keyboard Live 2Flaming Lips Using Circuit Bent Keyboard Live
The new Flaming Lips album “At War With the Mystics” has some Circuit Bent Animal Farm action on it. Wayne Coyne also posed with his keyboard ( Pictured Above ) for the Keyboard Mag‘s article on the new album. As a side note, Keyboard Mag has atleast one mention of “circuit bending” every issue that I get now. Wayne’s keyboard seems to have only one rather large silver knob controlling the pitch, but it would be most interesting to find out if he built the device or had someone else do it. Props will go out in either case. The lower images are from live performance and there are lots and lots more interesting shots of the Lips on Flickr from the current tour which looks to be buckets and buckets of fun.