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Be Heard on the Internet Radio – Hollow Earth Radio

Hollow Earth Radio Circuit Bent Noise World Music
Garrett from Hollow Earth Radio has emailed me a while back with a link to their Seattle based DIY Internet station that focuses on found sound, circuit bent noises, unreleased music, and conversations. The station is looking for submissions to include in the program lineup and everyone is welcome to contribute. As a matter of fact Garrett encourages people to call in the station and leave crazy ass circuit bent noises on their voice mail, which takes a few rings before the voice mail kicks in so stay in the line!
Many ways to contact the Hollow Earth:

Skype: hollowearthradio

Nearthwort Podcast: TELEPORT with Circuit Bent Music


Marc of the Nearthwort Obtain has sent in another podcast where he talks about the Base sequence, Plan Delta, and TELEPORT system that can take you anywhere. Soundtrack for this podcast was made using mostly circuit bent instruments by Niall of Magpie Industries. This audio would probably be best if listened to very late at night, maybe 4 AM.
Podcast Link MP3.