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Recasing Projects to note

S&M Geetar

This revolutionary Texas Instruments Speak and Math Geetar Mod is sure to turn heads after you strap it on and let the glitches rip Jimi Hendrix slylee. I would suggest that the builder used 1×1 inch for the case and PVC for the neck. Of course the instrument is spray painted mate black to go with the S&M theme. The glitches are activated with alligator clips or wet fingers when placed across the heavy gage copper strings. No sounds clips yet and the pictures are not the greatest. [via Benders list]

–Update– The artist behind this is Wark Atoo and he enclosed a short sample of the device.

Metal detector synth?- Detector De Contenido

In the next few posts I will be exploring links posted to the Benders list via Arc Angel’s email. The text is mostly in Spanish so I have no clue as to what it says. I could use an online translator, but I’m too lazy. What we have here looks like a metal detector hooked up to a custom Amp made of a piece of luggage. Very nice design idea, portable and rugged.

*Update* More information on the synth along with some videos can be found here. 

DetectorDetector2Detector 3

Wood is good,

But lets face it, who really has the power tools and time to make nice wooden cases. I got your solution right here in the form of wood adhesive covering. Available from any Wall-Mart around the world comes this affordable ( $5 ) solution that will spruce up any gadget. Take this Dull box pictured before the wood application. A few minutes and a small mess later, tada! It looks awesome! The possibilities are limitless, however everyone will agree that wood trim like this makes anything Classy. Not to mention that it works perfectly to cover up those pre-drilled, but never used switch and jack holes. Oops, that will be out little secret 😉