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Wizard Turds Remix Challenge


Richie Brown aka Dr Porkbutt is inviting you to participate in the “Wizard Turds Remix Challenge”. Richie recently finished recording a song for an upcoming CD and while recording and arranging the song managed to save the individual pieces (in a somewhat organized manner) with the hopes that someone/several people might want to remix the song. The final version of the song, the individual samples, an A cappella track, and a word document of the lyrics into a .zip file which you can download. Feel free to add your own instrumentation, blips, bloops, voice, or whatever you would like to the song. Richie is hoping that the remixes will be as far from the original song as possible.

Finished versions can be emailed to: Midgetsnfarts at Hotmail dot com or linked in the comment section of this Post. All of the remixes will be compiled into a remix CD which will be available for free download on once it is finished.

“I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.”-Richie

Construction file:  Download.

Hear the actual song: wizard-turds.mp3

Remix 1:  wizard-turdz-remix.mp3

Remix 2:  wizard-turdss-remix2.mp3