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Video bending to create glitched up visual patterns

PixelForm’s NES Circuit Bending Lessons

PixelForm’s work with circuit bent TI-99s has been featured before however this time the subject is an NES with a slightly different circuit. The glitch points on the NES’ VRAM IC are controlled by a super handy 4066 Quad Switch IC with control pins triggered through the use of a simple but effective OP-Amp based filter bank. The triggers from the filter bank are also fed into a counter IC which controls the second 4066 set of switches. This daisy chain is actually something similar to a sequencer with each step advanced by a strong sound from the audio input. The result is quite beautiful as seen in these video clips: Video Clip1, Video Clip2, Video Clip3, Video Clip4. More info, schematics, and detailed explanations are available through this link and a huge thanks goes out to Phillip for deciding to share the knowledge with everyone.

Karl Klomp’s Glitchism Exhibition

A project for school entitled Glitchism is aimed at raising the Video Mixer bending awareness and promoting the use of old technology like analog video digital mixers for new applications. Karl is hoping to bring glitching and hacking of these devices into the spotlight by releasing more movies, pictures, and info. For this exhibition instead of having a physical gallery eBay is used to showcase the works and everyone in the world is invited to take a look and learn about Glitchism. A fairly large collection of various mixers is also available on Karl’s website along with info to be used while searching eBay for the next video bending project. My favorite is actually the red transparent enclusire used in the middle photo, that is awesome, I wonder where he got it?

Karl’s New Circuit Bent Video Mixer

Another JVC video mixer has been glitchafied by Karl Klomp. Luckily for us, there are many good pictures to show off the insides of the breakout box and the mixer IC connections. Most of the bends are intended for Audio to Wipe interactions however it is also possible to send the mixer into a chaotic video glitch frenzy. Karl mentiones that extreme glitches tend to crash fairly often, however there are many models of mixers which could be more stable. A great overview video along with other output videos can be viewed to get a better idea of what the mixer does.