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Circuit Bending 101 In Musicworks Magazine

Roth Mobot’s DIY article “Circuit Bending 101” made the cover of the current issue of Musicworks Magazine. You can read the article in the magazine’s online preview.

It’s an eight-page article, containing over 30 photographs, multiple illustrations, and some shout outs to Tim Kaiser, Talking Computron, The Ring Toss Twins, and Mother Daughter Crime Team.

Roth Mobot has been asked to write another article for Musicworks’ Spring issue — stay tuned!

Towards the Beat of a Different Drummer

So I’ve been performing and recording with this setup for a couple of years now.

It’s basically an acoustic drumset which is expanded through the addition of DIY and lo-fi electronics, as well as DIY acoustic and electroacoustic instruments, into an expressive tool for electroacoustic improvisation.

Here is a video of it in action:

Here are the instruments used:

More info/music/videos can be found on my webpage: