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Websites to explore

Zebranalogic Shop

Zabranalogic based in City of Lima Peru, has been selling handmade gear at very reasonable prices. Of course the shipping may be quite a bit extra, but $120 for a bunch of knobs and switches to create strange sounds with is not bad. The 2 employee company also sells guitar effects and does mods on factory pedals like increasing delay time and changing the gain. I really dig the plexi glass look and the designs of their pedals are very. I guess a full fledged synth is on the way also. Big Thanks to Jim for the link.

GetBent Circuit Bending oriented shop

Circuit Bending stores seem to be popping up like mushrooms here and there. In the free trade economy it can only mean one thing for the consumer, lower prices. The guys from Get Bent Circuit Bending Supply store emailed me to say that their doors are now open. There are some nice deals on switches and other parts, however better deals are of course on eBay. As a nice bonus, limited prints of various circuit bent instruments are also sold as well as some one-off deals on interesting looking cases and toys. What impressed me the most however was the actual eCommerse site that is hosting this store. Its called and anyone can open a store there to sell what ever they wish for free. Brilliant! The interface is simple, clean, supports paypal, and does Froogle Listings.

Metal detector synth?- Detector De Contenido

In the next few posts I will be exploring links posted to the Benders list via Arc Angel’s email. The text is mostly in Spanish so I have no clue as to what it says. I could use an online translator, but I’m too lazy. What we have here looks like a metal detector hooked up to a custom Amp made of a piece of luggage. Very nice design idea, portable and rugged.

*Update* More information on the synth along with some videos can be found here. 

DetectorDetector2Detector 3

Crazy awesome DIY pedals.

While doing some research for GetLoFi I came across a spectacular page full of DIY guitar effect pedals. The contains not only neat pictures and sounds but also schematics and inside shots that will make you drool all over the keyboard. Everything seems fairly simple with some amazing sounds. The Tri-negistor was my favorite, all transistor device that uses negistors and negative resistance to oscillate like crazy. Each pedal is very well documented and referenced. There are also a few mentions of the StompBox Cookbook with pictures and schematics.
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*Updated 03/09/2010 * Fixed the URL; schematics seem to still be up